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Here at we are Racing Enthusiasts

The staff at here in Essex are racers and enthusiasts themselves and all of them have the knowledge and experience that other transport companies lack. We have the specialist equipment that is required for such events which will ensure the safety of both your car and our staff. are proud owners and sponsors of the worlds fastest, street legal, Rolls Royce (pictured right). We transport our Rolls Royce all over the country to drag racing strips such as Santa Pod, shakespeare County Racing & York Racing. We have a fully enclosed trailer just for this type of specialist vehicle.

Here at in Essex we can specifically cater for custom and altered vehicles with little or no ground clearance. Whatever type of motorsport you participate in whether it is drag racing, rallying, off roading or hill climbing, we here at understand the difficulties that come with loading and transporting racing vehicles.

We take the utmost care with your racing vehicle

We make sure that we take the utmost care in monitoring both the mechanical parts and the bodywork of a lowered vehicle during the loading and unloading process of the vehicle as well as the transportation. We understand how important your vehicle is to you and we will treat your racing vehicle as if it was our own throughout the whole transportation process.

Racing and Track Car Vehicle Transportation from We Move Your Car in Essex
Track Car Transportation from We Move Your Car in Essex

We are able to transport vehicles such as rally cars, classic cars, motorbikes, quads, off roading buggies, dragsters and 4x4 off roading vehicles so make sure that you get in touch with us to make sure that your racing or track vehicle is transported safely to and from each location.

New Track Day Service

At we now have an enclosed trailer and crew van. This means that 5 people and all your kit can be transported to the track with your vehicle in our enclosed or open trailer (weight limits apply). Our Eco Trailer is fully enclosed and climate controlled to ensure that your "pride and joy" arrives at the track in top condition (what you do to it on the track is your responsibility!!)


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