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offer a range of business solutions designed to help a range of modern organisations with vehicle transportation needs. With a skilled team of vehicle handlers at our helm, have the experience and portfolio of working with different business types in Romford, including car dealerships, crash repairers, auction houses, those with fleer requirements, and coachworks for collection and delivery of insurance damaged vehicles.

Car Dealership and Fleet Transportation from We Move Your Car in Essex

As a company operating in Romford, are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. As you can see below, we offer a specific set of services which a lot of businesses with the need to move vehicles will benefit from:

  • Contract lease deliveries
  • End of contract collections
  • Vehicle inspection and collection
  • New car deliveries
  • Fleet vehicle delivery and client handovers

Driven Deliveries of New / Fleet Cars in Romford

Dealership Car Transportation by We Move Your Car in Essex

Driven Deliveries, or trade plating as it is often referred to as, involves our fully qualified and trained personnel collection and driving your vehicle to you, instead of loading it onto our vehicle transporter. This is generally a more cost effective option depending on how far the journey is, the type of car, and customer requirements. Our drivers all have full insurance, years of experience, and each go through regular licensing checks to insure legal requirements are being met.

Being fully uniformed and professional, our trained team of drivers will look after your vehicle as if it was their own, after decades of experience in handling sports, racing, prestigious, and class motors. They will also ensure all relevant information regarding your vehicle is gathered so that this can be relayed to you, before providing you with your receipt and checking you are happy with your purchase.

Every vehicle in the process of collection and delivery undergoes inspection checks by our professional drivers to ensure the vehicle is in full working condition, where copies of this paperwork can be provided if needed. If you are a returning dealership or a larger organisations, accounts are negotiable.

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