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Transported Collection & Delivery in Kent

provide dealership transportation and fleet transportation to people based in Kent and the surrounding areas. As a company we offer a wide range of business solutions which are designed to help you in the day to day running of your business. As a company, we offer dealership transportation which involves us using our experienced handlers to move your vehicles to where they need to be. With a professional approach and friendly customer service, we can help you today.

As an Essex based company, are well positioned to serve the people of Kent and help with all their transportation needs. We work closely with a number of clients who regularly require our services and even though we have a jam packed schedule, we are always looking for new customers who require the services of high class vehicle handlers. From dealerships to manufacturers and those of you who require fleet transportation, have you covered. Take a look below and see the services we offer:

Car Dealership and Fleet Transportation from We Move Your Car in Essex
  • Contract lease deliveries
  • End of contract collections
  • Vehicle inspection and collection
  • New car deliveries
  • Fleet vehicle delivery and client handovers

Driven Deliveries of New/Fleet Vehicles in Kent

With a team of trained personnel operating in Kent, are able to collect your vehicle, and efficiently deliver it by means of driving it, rather than transporting. This can be more cost effective in some circumstances depending on what make or model you drive, and some people find it to be more convenient. All our drivers are fully trained and insured and we regularly carry out licensing checks on all personnel to insure we are meeting legal requirements.

Dealership Car Transportation by We Move Your Car in Essex

As a business operating in Kent, have over 20 years experience in the field of vehicle transportation and handling. We treat every vehicle like our own and look after them like we would look after a newborn baby. With a high level of respect and care, we make sure your vehicles get to where they need to be undamaged and on time.

With a team of trained and uniformed drivers, are able to assist your customers in the delivery process, making sure we answers all questions regarding the functionality of the car and ensuring client receives their valuables and are satisfied with what they are getting. All collections and deliveries undergo inspection checks by our drivers before and after transportation where copies of the paper work can be provided if necessary. Accounts for returning dealerships and larger organisations are negotiable.

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