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Dealership and Fleet Transportation in Enfield & Hertfordshire

Transported Collection & Delivery in Enfield & Hertfordshire

Here at we offer a variety of business solutions which we have put in place to help organisations and individual clients with their vehicle transportation needs. If you live in Enfield, Hertfordshire or any of the surrounding areas, can help you today. Our team of professional, experienced, enfield based handlers have all been trained to a high standard when it comes to handling vehicles and each of them knows what it takes to provide you with an all-round great service.

Operating in Enfield, Hertfordshire, and the surrounding areas, we are able to deal with a variety of business types. From dealerships and manufacturers to auctions houses, those of you with fleet requirements, crash repairers and coachworks for collection and delivery of insurance damaged vehicles, we have you covered.

Car Dealership and Fleet Transportation from We Move Your Car in Essex

As a company we are always taking giant leaps forward and working towards a greater future in which we deliver the ultimate satisfaction to each and every customer we deal with. We offer a specific set of services which we find can be more than valuable to businesses who require their vehicles to be moved. These are:

  • Contract lease deliveries
  • End of contract collections
  • Vehicle inspection and collection
  • New car deliveries
  • Fleet vehicle delivery and client handovers

Driven Deliveries of New/Fleet Vehicles from Dealerships in Enfield & Hertfordshire

At we have a team of trained personnel who are here to provide an efficient transport collection and delivery service in Enfield and Hertfordshire. Rather than loading your vehicle onto a transporter, we are able to drive your vehicle instead.

Dealership Car Transportation by We Move Your Car in Essex

Operating in Enfield and Hertfordshire, our team of drivers offer over 20 years of experience in driving classic, sports and prestige vehicles, with a great appreciation of how great the cars really are. Our drivers are all fully trained and insured, and as you would expect, licensing checks are carried out regularly on all personnel.

With a high level of training and uniformity, the drivers here at in Enfield and Hertfordshire can assist your customers when it comes to questions about their new vehicle and how it works. Our drivers will also ensure that the customers who have purchased a vehicle from you, are happy, receive their receipt, and that their valuable new motor is accepted with pleasure.

All collections and deliveries undergo inspection checks by our drivers before and after transportation. Copies of this paperwork can be provided. Accounts for returning dealerships and larger organisations are negotiable.

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