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Dealership and Fleet Transportation in Canvey Island

Transported Collection and Delivery in Canvey Island

Operating in Canvey Island and Essex, are a dedicated team of vehicle handlers and transporters offering a selection of business solutions to modern businesses that require vehicles to be moved from one place to another. As a combined unit, we have decades of experience of working within the motor industry and we are highly trained to be able to deal with different business types, including auction houses, dealerships, manufacturers, crash repairers, those with fleet requirements, and coachworks for collection and delivery of insurance damaged vehicles.

Car Dealership and Fleet Transportation from We Move Your Car in Essex

are constantly adapting to meet the needs of our customers, and because of this, our services are rather specific and are generally very beneficial to those who have a requirements to move vehicles:

  • Contract lease deliveries
  • End of contract collections
  • Vehicle inspection and collection
  • New car deliveries
  • Fleet vehicle delivery and client handovers

Driven Deliveries of New / Fleet Cars in Canvey Island

Dealership Car Transportation by We Move Your Car in Essex

As well as loading your car(s) onto our transporter, we can also drive it directly to you, which is often referred to as Trade Plating. Some customers find this to be more cost effective which is dependant on mileage and vehicle type of course. You vehicle will be in safe hands, as all of our drivers are fully trained, qualified, and insured. Licensing checks are also carried out regularly to ensure all legal requirements are being met.

With over 2 decades of experience in driving all types of vehicle, our drivers know how to value classic cars and appreciate the history behind them. They can also assist you with functionality and any key features of the car, which they will make every effort to find out from the previous owner first. As soon as you are happy, we will give you a receipt and be on our way.

Please note that all collections and deliveries undergo inspection checks to ensure full working condition, where copies of this paperwork can be provided. Account for returning dealerships and larger organisations are negotiable too.

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